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our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which means you'll never have to beg for a quick closing. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. bonkers, look at me when i'm talking to you. bottom of the hour now, welcome back. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your morning with us. five stories we're watching this morning. police are investigating a frightening incident at a obama campaign office in denver. a shot was fired in the office shattering a window. there were people in the building, but, fortunately, no one was injured. they don't have a description of the suspect, but they do have a possible vehicle of interest. pakistani police say they have made more arrests in a
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shocking attack on a 14-year-old activist. 38 people are now in custody. gunman stopped malala's school van and shot her. she is clinging to life. the taliban said it targeted her because she spoke out about wanting an education. students have been holding vigils across the country for her. and number three members of the famed u.s. postal services tour de france team took performance enhancing drugs to be a good teammate for lance armstrong. that's what tyler hamilton told cnn. a team masseuse said she helped transport banned steroids. the two testified to the u.s. an antidoping agency which says it has overwhelming evidence that armstrong was the ringleader of hes team's doping program. a. and number four, the death toll climbs to 14 in the fungal meningitis outbreak as the cdc says now 185 cases of the
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noncontagious illness in a dozen states. meanwhile, a minnesota woman has filed what appear to be the first lawsuit in the outbreak. some 14,000 people may have received those injections. and number five. new york mayor michael bloomberg's ban on large, sugary drinks may be in supera sup supersized legal battle. they cited technicalities saying only the city council has the power to impose such a ban. it infringes on personal freedom and unfairly targets certain businesses. look who has joined the notorious los angeles commute. the space shuttle "endeavour." it's being wheeled through the city, through the streets there to its final home, the california science center. the earthbound trek started yesterday. it's expected to take until about midnight. after all, it's only going about two miles per hour. cnn john zarrella is following
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its last big mission. >> the folks at the california science center where the space shuttle "endeavour" will make its final home don't want to call this a once in a lifetime experience. they like to call it a once experience. they don't think anything like this will ever happen again and they're probably right. early this morning the space shuttle "endeavour" making its final trip. they call it mission 26. flew 25 times in space and this will be its 26th mission and it left los angeles international airport and it's gone about a mile and a half so far and pulled in here to a parking lot because they wanted to move it out of the airport before rush hour started and then after rush hour ends and later in the day, they will continue to move it on to its next leg. but right now it is sitting here and it's a tremendous opportunity for folks from los angeles to come up to it, get close behind these barriers and take pictures of the shuttle. they've got friends taking pictures of them and they've got their children taking pictures
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of. so, it's been an opportunity that is, as the folks at the california science center like to say, a once experience. "endeavour" flew 123 million miles in space, flew at 17,000 miles an hour as it orbited the earth. on this journey, it's going to go a total of 12 miles and move, when it does move, at about 2 miles an hour. certainly, one of the shortest and slowest trips "endeavour" has ever made but one of the most fascinating. john zarrella reporting from los angeles. what do facial expressions, posture and even sips of water tell us about political candidates? a body language expert walks us through this week's big debate. plus, the chefs step out of the kitchen, but they don't turn down the heat. we'll tell you about the roast of anthony bourdain. ♪
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good morning, new york city. there is the lovely lady liberty
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hanging out in new york harbor. lovely shot. looks like it is going to be a great day. thank you for starting your day with us. voters, pundits and the media might have poured over every word the candidate said in this week's vice presidential debate, but gary tuchman took a different look at things with body language expert to see how posture and smiles even sips of water played a role. check this out. >> first of all, let's talk about the handshaking. this is important to you, right? >> yeah. >> what do we see here? >> ryan is going up with his hand up a little bit farther and it's open and it's raised. >> what does that tell you that his hand is raised. >> he's trying to show you that he's strong and open and ready for this. >> what is biden showing us? >> biden is showing us that he's not scared. he doesn't need to come in like an alpha because he already feels like he is an alpha. >> each candidate gets water, i assume it's water and not vodka or gin. we saw the congressman drinking a lot of water. this is just time after time
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when we saw him picking up the glass and drinking water and biden, on the other hand, was not so thirsty. >> i can emps the because this is a tell tale sign of nerves. >> he's not just thirsty. >> he's thirsty because he's nervous. when you're nervous your mouth becomes dry. he's nervous. what i thought was interesting, it is actually the first thing he did when he sat down. he was back stage, you know, 90 seconds earlier and, yet, still he had to come out and take a sip of water as soon as he sat down. >> we saw congressman ryan pick up that glass a lot what we saw of the vice president of the united states laughing, smiling. ryan is talking, laughing, smiling and these are different instances in the laughing, smiling, shaking his head. what does this tell you that joe biden was doing? >> well, different people are going to interpret this differently. certainly, it comes across as dismissive. joe biden has some of the most authentic nonverbals.
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comes across as very real. it's both a blessing and a curse. >> what he's doing here with his hands. what is this all about? >> this is interesting because he's smiling, but what he's doing with his hands where he's pulling them up close to his face and acatually touching his face is something that you do when you're feeling a little bit threatened and you're protecting yourself. >> you're telling me, amy, paul ryan raises his eyebrows a lot and tell me what you mean. >> see, his eyebrows are raised and his brow is furrowed and his eyes are wide and all of that indicates surprise. this is the facial expression that is universally associated with surprise across culture. the problem is that when you overuse it, it is as if you're writing an e-mail in all caps. >> now, we're talking about he looked nervous and anxious. here, though, you think this is significant because he doesn't look nervous and anxious. what does he look like here? >> i think he looks concerned and empattic.
4:42 am
he has a puppy dog look, the way his eyebrows are shaped and the way his eyes are shaped. >> do you think it will serve him well and joe biden more if they look like this more oft aen? >> i don't think joe biden can look like this. i think this is where he demonstrates his warmth and his ability to connect. >> what was interesting about the debate is ul ryan didn't seem to get angry. joe biden did. let's listen for a second. >> we did not pull them out. >> the calendar works the same every year. >> it does work the same every year. >> the eyebrows come together and the eyes narrow and that is classic anger. >> so, in their closing statements both candidates, you think, were very interesting. >> yeah. >> let's watch joe biden's expressions during his close. he's looking down, not smiling. >> it looks genuine and he softened it. he has been up here for most of the debate and now he's taken the energy level down here and then i think this is really interesting.
4:43 am
>> like the pledge of allegiance. >> he put his hands on his heart and that is i feel you. i feel you, i'm with you. >> now, paul ryan's close was much different than joe biden's tell me how. >> this seems more scripted than he was for the rest of the debate. what you see, you know, he's looking right into the camera. you, again, though, see the eyebrows raised and you see the furrowed brow. i think he's showing surprise when it's probably not the right emotion to be showing. >> now, it's time to sum it up. tell us what joe biden did well and what he did pooy. >> joe biden needed to come on strong, which he did. he was aggressive and didn't let himself get walked all over but sometimes he got too aggressive. dismissive smiles worked well in some cases and in other cases they were over the top and seemed condescending. >> paul ryan, what did he do well, what poorly? >> paul ryan i think was very composed. he came across as composed without being stiff. he was a novice. clearly he was nervous and we saw some signs of that, but he
4:44 am
kept it gether. i thought he s very professional and respectful. >> all in all, more interesting debate than last week? >> much more interesting. much more entertaining to watch. >> so, it's one and done for the number twos, but don't forget to mark your calendars. you can watch the second presidential debate live right here on cnn this tuesday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. moderated by our very own candy crowley. well, have you heard this that michael vick now has a pet dog. yes, that is right. the nfl quarterback who spent time in prissen for bank rolling that deadly ring a, once again, a pet owner.
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we've been talking a little bit this morning about this controversial michael vick news. have you heard this that the philadelphia eagles quarterback has released a statement confirming that now he owns a dog. yes, a pet dog. but if you remember, the 32-year-old recently spent 18 months in federal prison for bank rolling a dog fighting ring where vick and others hanged, drowned and beat dogs to death. >> here is what vick said in a statement on thursday. he said, i understand the strong emotions by some people about my family's decision to care for a pet. as a father t is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. >> you know, this is really, i know it's getting a lot of attention and people are talking about it, but it's a tough call. i'm an animal lover and certainly a dog lover and i think it's great that he has a dog, possibly saving a life from a humane society somewhere and teaching his kids not to make the same mistakes he did. but it does make you wonder how he goes from what he had done to this. and how risky that is.
4:49 am
>> i think with his history, that dog will be cared for and watched after by every naeighbo in the block, like, hey, mike, how is the dog? he has a relationship with peter now and because of his history, people will be watching closely. >> he had been barred from owning a dog during his probation and humane society president is all for it now. he worked with vick and the group and public outreach effort and that it would be wrong to close the door on him to ever owning a pet. i'm hoping that this dog will be really spoiled and have every dog toy around. >> dog's good. all right. >> a good lesson, though, for the kids, after what he has been through. >> certainly. well, moving on now out of the kitchen and into the fire. some of the most famous chefs in america sharpen their knives to get back at anthony bourdain, not literally. the celebrity chef was roasted on thursday night in new york
4:50 am
and the managing editor of cnn's website had the honor of attending. cat, good morning. i understand it got pretty vicious. >> oh, my, my ears are still burning from that. i would tell you what they said, but cnn would go off the air immediately. so,
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this is big. today, "time" magazine published a bunch of pictures of paul ryan working out. have you seen these? take a look at this one. yeah. gym tan/romney right there.
4:56 am
and this is the next vice president of the united states. that looks like screech from "stave bell." the hat on backwards. >> not a flattering assessment, but a lot of the people look at the pictures and they think they are cheesy. >> well, it is -- you know, it could be worse, because when you hear never before seen pictures of the vice presidential candidate, at least he is fully dressed, because it could be different. >> but the question is are they harmless fun? well, we are trying to find out and jeanne moos got the reaction of the glamour shots. >> reporter: does this picture say mr. vice president to you. this is paul ryan. >> is that him? >> no, no, that is worse. that is like, oh, no. >> oh, yes, and the photos of
4:57 am
paul ryan working out that came out in "time" magazine have plenty of fans tweeting, too, and just like that panties drop and the internet melts. >> looks fine. >> the knees are bony. >> and noted one poster, big bird call and he wants his legs back. paul ryan is the broest bro to run for vp and he is channeling the inner marky mark. just as marky mark pumped iron, so did paul ryan at a photo shoot almost a year ago when the fitness buff congressman was a runner up for "time's" person of the year, and some say by releasing the old photos around the time of the vice presidential debate the editors of "time" wished to make him look trivial, young, unserious. >> and maybe it is the backwards baseball cap, but when we took
4:58 am
the photos out to the street. >> i have no clue who that is? >> not at all. >> i have to say, no. >> reporter: two-thirds of the people we asked didn't recognize him. >> who is that guy? >> that is mr. schuster, matthew morrison. >> no, not the glee instructor from "glee." >> jeff somebody. he has a new talk show. >> no. >> no, not jeff probst. >> that is the vice president soon to be. >> reporter: the vp candidate spokesman said this about the photos. paul ryan takes the health seriously and clearly judging by these silly pictures he does not take himself too seriously. neither did readers on buzzfeed. they put him in with the village people and the cast of "jersey shore" and made him flex and wink like a previous vp candida candidate, and some wondered when are the joe biden workout photos coming, and the best we could do is to drag tout famous photo shopped job done by the
4:59 am
shirtless joe biden washing the transam in the white house driveway. shirtless joe, meet backward cap paul ryan. this is the vice president of the united states. >> oh, yeah. >> that is a good look for him. he is a regular joe blow. >> you have to love that wink. >> but i am sure he is not thrilled about it. his muscles do look good. >> he has guns. >> and the chicken legs comment. he can't be happy about that. >> here is the photo about it, but everything is cool except for the facial expression. if he had grrr'd or something, then it would have been fine, but it is like one of the '80s promos for a sit-com. >> well, if you have the guns. >> thank you for

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